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Brainfiller was founded in 1987 by Jim Phillips.  Since those humble beginnings many decades ago, the Brainfiller brand has become synonomous for some of the best training programs built on Jim Phillips' four-decade career and having taught thousands of live programs which includes people from all seven continents.

How it All Began

In a 2018 interview in Voyage Phoenix Magazine, Jim Phillips describes how it all began.

It all began in the early 1980’s when I had “a real job” my employer would on occasion send me to a specialty training program usually held at a university.  The registration and travel fees were quite expensive so this type of training was often limited to those working with larger companies with large training budgets.  And training budgets back in those days were generally small since training was not considered to be as important back then. 

At home I was receiving brochures in the mail for “warm and fuzzy” training.  i.e. $99 how to organize yourself, how to talk to others, how to…..    They would have a schedule much like a rock band where they were hitting 40 to 60 cities a year.

Then it hit me – one of THOSE moments!  I don’t recall anything like this in the electrical industry. Back then, all we seemed to have were the expensive university programs.  It was time to bring training to the masses and the company now known as Brainfiller was born.

Since the planet is a large place and Jim can't be everywhere, we are bringing Brainfiller training programs to you by offering several of his training programs on-line.  We even have FREE classes for those on the ulitmate budget.

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