Arc-Flash Labeling Requirements and Strategies

NFPA 70E 130.5(H) defines the minimal information for Equipment Labels (sometimes referred to as Arc Flash Labels. There are many other factors to consider such as colors, signal words, additional information, minimal information and more. This program discusses the requirements, and provides simplification strategies for arc flash labels and how to minimize the need to re-label.



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Jim Phillips


• Founder: Electrical Power, Safety and Arc Flash Training • Associate Director: Electrical Safety UK Ltd. - Rotherham, England • Contributing Editor: Electrical Contractor Magazine • Author: Complete Guide to Performing an Arc Flash Hazard Study • B.S. Electrical Engineering • Registered Professional Engineer • Four Decades of Industrial and Utility Experience • Vice Chair: IEEE 1584 - IEEE Guide for Performing Arc Flash Hazard Calculations • TC Member: NFPA 70E - Electrical Safety in the Workplace • International Chair: IEC TC 78 Live Working Standards • Steering Committee – IEEE/NFPA Arc Flash Collaborative Research Project. E-mail:

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